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We would welcome an opportunity to discuss how Barcode 250 can help increase the efficency of your business, prevent dispatch errors, control stock and much more.  Please telephone or fill in the form below and we will be very pleased to discuss your requirements in detail.

How efficient is your Stock Control Software?

Imagine how much your profitability would improve if you could shave hours off key functions such as receiving and despatching goods, sales order processing or inventory management.
That’s exactly what our clients have done with the help of our Sage-compatible, stock control software and warehouse management system - one of them has reduced their incoming order processing from four hours to just 19 minutes.

Our stock control software and inventory management system which integrates with the UK's leading accounts package, Sage 50 and Sage 200 Accounts, could transform your business and boost your bottom line just as easily. We have developed two core pieces of software – Sage Barcoder and Sage Importer – which have a range of add-on modules so that you can pick and choose the functionality that you need.

Our Stock Control Software, which is linked to Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 , has been developed through listening to our clients, and establishing exactly what would help their business run more smoothly. That’s why it is so effective in improving your productivity, and  increasing your profitability.

Our inventory management system will help you harness technology to improve the day-to-day functions of your business, saving time and money.

To have a no-obligation chat about how we can help, or to arrange a demo of our software,

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"Today we dispatched over 400 items, which is a big achievement for us. When you first dropped in, we were lucky to be getting 70 or 80 correct a day and I daresay our improved efficiency is largely down to your software."
Adam Gould, Monster Pet Supplies

"I would recommend Barcoder to anyone, I am very pleased with the product, layout and the support"
Nathan Chilcott, Darthaven Marina


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Stock Control Software for Bulk Processing

A new module has just been released for Barcoder 250.  This module is aimed at companies that require stock control software for the processing of bulk products such as second hand clothes, coffee and tea etc.

Initially designed for a Dubai based grader of second hand clothes, the module allows the company to track individual product items from receipt from their supplier to despatch to their customers.

The inventory management software keeps track of all inventory as well as the quantity of product processed each day.

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