Bespoke business software

Where our standard software applications do not meet the customers requirements, ES Consulting is able to develop a bespoke line of business application that does.
Using a tried and tested development process, which moves through analysis, development and commissioning stages, it is possible to deliver a working system within short timescales and at modest cost.


Business Process Analysis


Application development

The first activity in any software development programme is to capture the customers requirement. This is achieved through discussing with the customer, how their business works and the specific challenges they are expecting to overcome through the planned development.
We are able to bring to these discussions our extensive business and technical experience which makes the creation of a none technical requirement specification, that describes what needs to be done, quick and painless.
On agreement of the requirement, we are usually able to provide a fixed price quotation for the work.

Application development


Application development

We are able to develop applications that are web based or desktop based or even both. The focus of the development activity will be to create an application that is easy to use and matches very closely the customer business requirement.
The customer is given opportunities during the development process to review the application and make comments so ensuring there are no misunderstandings and the final system meets the requirement exactly.
The applications developed by ES Consulting use Microsoft technologies.

Deployment and commissioning


The final stage in the process is the delivery of the application and commissioning it into the business. This often means training staff and making minor modification to the application to fine tune the business process.
When complete the application rarely needs any further work unless the business requirement changes. Many of our applications continue in service for very many years.

Call 0845 867 2032 if you would like to discuss how we can help your business with a bespoke software application.

Get Support

Get Support

For existing customers we provide a number of solutions to assist with learning how to get the best from the Barcoder250 system.  We also use a ticketing system that allows us to track support requests. To raise a support request please email support@esconsulting.co and we will be pleased to help..

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Latest News

The highly successful Barcoder 250 system goes mobile!

Now you can take that all-important order anytime and anywhere, thanks to an innovative new mobile module which takes the Barcoder 250 stock control and warehouse management system to a whole new level.

Designed for ease of use and rapid order entry while at your customer’s location, this new addition to the Barcoder 250 system has been developed specifically to help boost your sales teams’ productivity and performance.

The new mobile module uses WiFi or GPRS, so it will work anywhere there is mobile phone coverage or a wireless access point.

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GS1 128 Barcode Labels


At ES Consulting we are working with all our customers to improve their business efficiencies through the introduction of Barcoder 250 and GS1 Barcodes, which allows for the standardisation of processes and procedures. As an independent Sage Developer, we work with GS1 UK to help our customers achieve their business goals through standardisation, traceability in their operation, and a level of automation in their ecommerce platform through EBay, Amazon, Magento or EDI. These improvements can only be achieved with investment in Barcoder 250 and GSI Barcodes, and it’s an important purchase as Barcoding allows for 100% traceability throughout the supply chain. We have worked closely with GS1 UK over the past ten years and customers using GS1 Barcodes get the full benefit of standardisation to streamline their businesses and become ‘retail ready’. With Barcoder 250 and GS1 Barcodes installed, our customers can manage their inventory tracking and tracing, monitoring stock and deliveries locally, nationally and globally. It also provides ES Consulting with a level of credibility and trust due to the level of support given by GS1 across the globe.


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