Barcoder 250 Bulk Order Processing Module

The Barcoder 250 Bulk Stock Control Module is the very latest addition to our growing suite of stock control software.Bulk stock control in action with a Dubia used clothing grader.

This state-of-the-art module has been designed specifically to provide users of Sage 50 accounts with the ability to manage, control and keep track of bulk products. It has been created to monitor products such as used clothing, shoes, coffee, tea or any other bulk items which are received in large quantities and then reduced to smaller amounts for their subsequent distribution to the customer.

Once installed, you will have at your fingertips the ability to manage the purchase order and sales order process via continuous stock valuation, detailed product tracking allowing pin point accurate stock administration.

In addition to the accurate stock control and valuation of goods, the SageBarcoder Bulk Order Processing Module also enables you to monitor productivity and manage waste.

How the Barcoder 250 Bulk Order Processing module saves you time and money.

Easy to install and equally easy to use, this intelligent and highly efficient piece of software integrates seamlessly into your Sage 50 accounting package with minimal changes required to your existing business processes. 

It provides you with everything you could possibly need to track goods received from your suppliers right through to their conversion to the finished product and shipment to your customers.

All products are individually identified and given a unique identification code which is automatically stored and provides a historical record of every stock transaction and the productivity output of every single item on a daily basis.

As a result, the Barcoder 250 Bulk Order Processing Module’s fast and accurate stock control and evaluation software is guaranteed to save you time and a great deal of money.

The key features at a glance.

• Integrates seamlessly into your Sage 50 accounts packages
• Provides each product with a unique identification number and stores the history of each item for quick and easy referral
• Tracks all receipts of incoming goods
• Tracks the breakdown and conversion of goods into the finished product and subsequent shipping to your end customers
• All finished products automatically allocated to Sale Orders in real time
• Tracks productivity for individual products with instant access to the day’s and the previous day’s data

The key benefits at a glance.

• Significantly reduces the amount of time required to manage bulk stock items
• Requires minimal changes to your existing Sage 50 set-up
• Easy to install and equally easy to use
• Continuous and accurate tracking of every step of the process
• Detailed product tracking  makes the identification of the source of product easy to identify

Get Support

Get Support

For existing customers we provide a number of solutions to assist with learning how to get the best from the Barcoder250 system.  We also use a ticketing system that allows us to track support requests. To raise a support request please email support@esconsulting.co and we will be pleased to help..

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Latest News

The highly successful Barcoder 250 system goes mobile!

Now you can take that all-important order anytime and anywhere, thanks to an innovative new mobile module which takes the Barcoder 250 stock control and warehouse management system to a whole new level.

Designed for ease of use and rapid order entry while at your customer’s location, this new addition to the Barcoder 250 system has been developed specifically to help boost your sales teams’ productivity and performance.

The new mobile module uses WiFi or GPRS, so it will work anywhere there is mobile phone coverage or a wireless access point.

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GS1 128 Barcode Labels


At ES Consulting we are working with all our customers to improve their business efficiencies through the introduction of Barcoder 250 and GS1 Barcodes, which allows for the standardisation of processes and procedures. As an independent Sage Developer, we work with GS1 UK to help our customers achieve their business goals through standardisation, traceability in their operation, and a level of automation in their ecommerce platform through EBay, Amazon, Magento or EDI. These improvements can only be achieved with investment in Barcoder 250 and GSI Barcodes, and it’s an important purchase as Barcoding allows for 100% traceability throughout the supply chain. We have worked closely with GS1 UK over the past ten years and customers using GS1 Barcodes get the full benefit of standardisation to streamline their businesses and become ‘retail ready’. With Barcoder 250 and GS1 Barcodes installed, our customers can manage their inventory tracking and tracing, monitoring stock and deliveries locally, nationally and globally. It also provides ES Consulting with a level of credibility and trust due to the level of support given by GS1 across the globe.


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