Production work stationWhere larger companies have various options about software to support and manage production, small and medium sized businesses tend not to have such choice. The Barcoder 250 Production Module is engineered to be a robust and versatile solution capable of working end-to-end with the aim of increasing production efficiency in your particular niche.



  • Centralised management of core manufacturing activities
  • Dynamic reporting
  • 360-degree view of product lifecycle; optimise inventory, stock control, time management & job costing
  • Operates across the board from individual PC workstations to managerial team
  • Workflow automation - a complete integrated system from order to despatch
  • Compatible with Sage 50 and Sage 200
  • Functions independently of accounting packages


For managers, it’s easy to see what’s going on across the business and plan ahead for the next day, weeks, and months. Simply presented data means progress is instantly apparent – across a whole site, within a department, or at an individual workstation. And - when integrated with the Barcoder 250 Issue and Receive Module - ongoing tracking makes materials shortages a thing of the past.

The Production Module integrates customer orders into the workflow, taking that data and matching it with the right production drawings, work instructions and other relevant information. That flow increases efficiency and substitutes forecasting with precise knowledge about when orders will be ready for delivery. That facility makes the Barcoder 250 Production Module a valuable part of a fully functioning stock control and warehouse management system.

For operatives, the system means the current day’s outputs are loaded onto their individual workstation through a straightforward tablet or PC interface, so there’s total clarity about what’s been accomplished and what remains to be done. And the same is true for everyone involved in the production process, removing the possibility of unclear communication.

Put all of those features together, and you’ll see that you benefit not just from greater efficiency of manufacturing operations and stock, but precise knowledge of costs. That data is invaluable when it comes to assessing the need to revise pricing in line with trends of production and supply.



  • Improved production times
  • Better materials management
  • Vague forecasts replaced by precise knowledge = improved customer satisfaction
  • Instant access to relevant data makes strategic planning easier
  • Snapshot overview of the manufacturing process across departments

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Better information means better decisions. The ability to see at a glance what’s going on across a production facility right now, and know how it relates to past performance, enables more effective future planning. The paperless office might be a pipe dream, but the ways that Barcoder 250 operates within and across your systems mean that data is contained within a single joined-up system rather than scattered about. That also means minimal duplication, and with it the eliminated possibility of errors creeping in.

Barcoder 250 Production Module makes every job 100% traceable from order to despatch. That improves efficiency, enhances customer service, and makes better strategic planning possible. And in an increasingly competitive world, that gives you an edge that can take you forward to greater commercial success secure in the knowledge that you know exactly what’s going on in your business.

Get Support

Get Support

For existing customers we provide a number of solutions to assist with learning how to get the best from the Barcoder250 system.  We also use a ticketing system that allows us to track support requests. To raise a support request please email support@esconsulting.co and we will be pleased to help..

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Latest News

The highly successful Barcoder 250 system goes mobile!

Now you can take that all-important order anytime and anywhere, thanks to an innovative new mobile module which takes the Barcoder 250 stock control and warehouse management system to a whole new level.

Designed for ease of use and rapid order entry while at your customer’s location, this new addition to the Barcoder 250 system has been developed specifically to help boost your sales teams’ productivity and performance.

The new mobile module uses WiFi or GPRS, so it will work anywhere there is mobile phone coverage or a wireless access point.

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GS1 128 Barcode Labels


At ES Consulting we are working with all our customers to improve their business efficiencies through the introduction of Barcoder 250 and GS1 Barcodes, which allows for the standardisation of processes and procedures. As an independent Sage Developer, we work with GS1 UK to help our customers achieve their business goals through standardisation, traceability in their operation, and a level of automation in their ecommerce platform through EBay, Amazon, Magento or EDI. These improvements can only be achieved with investment in Barcoder 250 and GSI Barcodes, and it’s an important purchase as Barcoding allows for 100% traceability throughout the supply chain. We have worked closely with GS1 UK over the past ten years and customers using GS1 Barcodes get the full benefit of standardisation to streamline their businesses and become ‘retail ready’. With Barcoder 250 and GS1 Barcodes installed, our customers can manage their inventory tracking and tracing, monitoring stock and deliveries locally, nationally and globally. It also provides ES Consulting with a level of credibility and trust due to the level of support given by GS1 across the globe.


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