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Barcoder 250 Cloud Warehouse Stock Control System

Introducing a new era in inventory management.

The Barcoder 250 Cloud is a powerful inventory control system that's cloud based and easy to use. It will help you to easily manage your inventory and take care of all your stock at all times.

Barcoder 250 Cloud is stock control solution that provides a simple solution for inventory control and warehouse management through user friendly barcode scanning. 

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Barcoder 250 Cloud Warehouse Stock Control System Delivers

Simple solution for inventory control and warehouse management

Very accurate order dispatch and receipt

A real time stock management solution, such as Barcoder 250 Cloud, can significantly reduce the time it takes to despatch an order but will also ensure that the orders that are despatched, arealways correct.

Elimination of counting errors 

The elimination of counting errors and needless paperwork is a key benefit of the Barcoder 250 Cloud WMS. The system will maintain very stock levels because the computer doesn't make mistakes in copying orders.

Minimal manual data entry

This is time-consuming, prone to errors, and is in fact, the most expensive part of the supply chain accounting for as much as 30% of total costs. It is easy to reduce those costs by adopting barcode scanning technology.

Monitoring of warehouse activity

Setting up KPIs in a warehouse is very important as it allows management to monitor the performance of operations. It is important to find out which metrics are most important in a warehouse and what they tell us about the performance.

The features of the Sage Barcoder application include :

✅ Purchase Order processing (goods received)
✅ Purchase Order creation
✅ Sales order/Invoice processing (picking and despatch)
✅ Retail Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS)
✅ Booking in and Booking out
✅ Stock taking
✅ Stock Adjustments
✅ Barcode label printing
✅ Sage product code to barcode mapping - multiple barcodes to a single Sage product code.
✅ Links to your e Commerce site like Magento, eBay and Amazon using  Sage Importer V6