Barcoder 250 – Meat Distribution

The Barcoder 250 Tracking Module has been optimised to allow the efficient and accurate recording of the receipt and distribution of meat products.

Making full use of the international GS1 – 128 barcode format, it is possible to capture in a single scan five or more items of information about each product. Typically these are product code, batch number, kill date etc.

Meat Image

With the recording of this information on every scan undertaking an audit is very simple. The system can easily provide records of what was delivered and the details of each product delivered, so answering customers’ queries is easy, quick, and most importantly, accurate.

The system is designed to be able to decode a wide range of GS1 – 128 barcode formats as there are no fixed standards that apply across the meat manufacturing industry.

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Sample GS1 Barcode