Pallet Management & Fulfilment Services Software for Sage 

Pallet Management

The Pallet Management software module is a configurable part of the Barcoder 250 Cloud warehouse management system. It is used by warehouse fulfilment and third-party logistics companies to track pallets stored on behalf of their customers. It offers flexibility and great functionality wherever you use it in your company, and its pallet management faculties are unsurpassed. Barcoder 250 is ideal for keeping track of the palletization of your products from pallet receipt until ready for dispatch. The pallet management software delivers three different business processes which make it easy to match your requirements precisely. 

Pallet Tracking by Customer.  The Barcoder 250 application creates a unique barcode which is attached to each pallet, allowing individual pallets to be tracked as they are received, moved around the warehouse and finally leave site.  Every movement is retained within the system so you will know exactly where each pallet is at any given time.  In addition, the Barcoder 250 software is able to create invoices based on the time that a pallet has been in the warehouse.

Pallet Creation.  This module allows for the creation of a new pallet and tracks all materials loaded onto it, making movements and ultimately dispatch of the goods a simple and cost effective process.  Barcoder allows for the addition and removal of goods as necessary, so each pallet contents is always up to date in real time allowing for instantaneous reporting on location and stock items at any time.  By purchasing the additional Locations Module, a number of pallets and products can be stored in one, identified location, making pick and despatch very much easier.

Sales by Pallet.  Available for Sage 200 only, this module allows a loaded pallet to be treated as a single saleable item, regardless of the number of individual products actually contained on it, making shipments of multiple products extremely easy and trouble free.  This feature allows multiple products to be sold as a single line on the invoice while keeping track of stock levels of the individual products on the pallet.

The Barcoder 250 pallet modules are powerful tools that help you track and distribute materials within your warehouse, and creates new pallets as required.

With multiple users able to access the easy to use interface, tracking and shipping palletised materials has never been simpler.