Multiple Stock Locations for Sage 50 Accounts

Barcoder 250 will allow the management of multiple stock locations while still using Sage 50 Accounts.

The Locations module provides all the functionality required to create stock locations in multiple warehouses.  Using a handheld PDA, stock can be easily put away and picked while adjusting the stock in and out of the location as required.

Multiple stock locations ensure that the quantity of stock in any warehouse and in any rack is always tracked.  The user can print reports that list details of all the stock in a single location and a list of all locations with the product stored in it.


Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Always know where all your stock is located
  • Sales team and management can view stock levels in an instance
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Facilitates rapid stock picking

Key Features at a Glance

  • Location label printing for multiple warehouses
  • Put away and picking functions available on the PDA

Reporting by location and product.