The Mobile Sales App for Sage 

The new Barcoder 250 Mobile Sales App 

The Mobile Sales App is designed with simplicity in mind, so when your customer wants to place an order, it's easy enough to pull out your android or iOS device & take care of it in seconds. The Mobile Sales app is designed for ease of use and rapid order entry. It enables your sales team to present new products and create sales orders at the customers’ site.
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Make Field Sales Reps more efficient

Your field sales team can now process orders as if they were in the office. Say goodbye to data entry, admin, and paper notebooks. It's time to say goodbye to tedious, repetitive tasks. The Mobile Sales App is here to save the day with its powerful automation features.

Colour catalogue on the go

The days of printing and paper catalogues are over! Your sales team can now present your products using a colour catalogue. This app makes it easy to share your catalogue with customers at the point of capturing an order. 

Customer data at your fingertips

Feeling like you're always in the dark when your colleague takes a call? Wish you had all the info they had in their notes? With mobile sales app for Sage, you can see everything! You'll never miss a beat with mobile sales app for Sage. No more hopping on a call, trying to figure out who their customer is and what they're talking about. Get started with full knowledge right from the beginning, offline or online.

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Minimize mistakes, and customer queries.

Increase your sales potential by preventing customer queries and mistakes. At a single tap, you can order a variety of products, customize your order. Improve your efficiency, and reduce customer queries.

Orders may be dispatched within minutes

Order may be dispatched within minutes of sales representative transmitting the order. Orders appear in the warehouse in minutes and are ready for despatch. It could not be faster than this. The app will boost productivity, accuracy, and performance.

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Up to date stock at all times.

The Mobile Sales App for Sage is the perfect companion for sales reps who want to increase their sales performance. It offers access to up to date pricing, product info, and stock levels. With this app, reps can capture orders faster and more accurately than ever before by using the latest mobile technology!

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Need direct sales from your vehicle?

In today's highly competitive world, it is crucial to have a cutting-edge sales app to stay ahead of the market. With the Barcoder 250 Mobile Sales App, customers can buy from your vehicle with just a few taps. It is available for both Android and iOS and is the ideal companion for every company that needs to sell directly from their vehicles.

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