Our Products

Our flagship product is Barcoder 250 Cloud, which has been developed in house and for which we hold the IPR. This application often meets our customers’ requirement out of the box and need little or no bespoke development required to exactly match our customers’ business process.

Barcoder250 Cloud

The Barcoder 250 Cloud is a powerful stock control system that's cloud based and easy to use. It will help you to easily manage your inventory and take care of all your stock at all times.

Mobile Sales

Designed for ease of use and rapid order entry, the mobile sales app enables your sales team to present new products and create sales orders direct from your customers’ site; helping to boost productivity, accuracy and performance.
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Sage Integration

Sage Importer provides all the functionality required to import Sales Orders automatically into Sage. The application runs in the background and when set up by us, requires no user intervention. Orders just appear in Sage ready for further processing. The application removes any possibility of orders appearing in Sage with errors. It Supports Magento, Shopify, Prestashop.
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Gas Cylinder Tracking

Barcoder 250 provides a gas cylinder tracking solution which is both robust and easy to use. The system uses protected barcode labels, to tag and uniquely identify cylinders as they are delivered to, and received back, from customers.
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