Cloud Pallet Management System

In order to succeed in a competitive marketplace, distribution and storage companies need to stay ahead of the curve by introducing innovative solutions like the Barcoder 250 Cloud Pallet Management System. This software solution, which is part of the Barcoder 250 Cloud Warehouse Management System, provides companies with the ability to streamline their business processes so delivering improved productivity and efficiency. Using a mobile scanner to capture pallet locations, the software integrates with the cloud-based desktop web application and calculates the customers weekly storage fees. The software creates a customized pallet label on receipt of the pallet into the business. The system is an easy-to-use, quick-to-implement solution that reduces management and administration costs.

The Barcoder 250 Cloud Pallet Management System includes a reporting function that generates invoices, which may be posted directly to Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage Cloud Accounting or Xero. This solution enables you to easily and accurately maintain accurate records of all pallets stored on your customers behalf.

The Barcoder 250 Cloud Pallet Management System is designed to meet the challenges of the distribution and storage industry by providing state of the art mobile scanning technology. It was designed to help companies achieve cost savings, eliminate third party errors, and optimize logistics management. It generates reports that help you streamline your warehousing administration, improve your warehousing efficiencies, and importantly, improve customer service. Thus, by using the Barcoder 250 Cloud system, you can improve your customer service and revenue by avoiding costly mistakes.