"Revolutionizing Our Warehouse Operations - Barcoder 250 Cloud"

As a long-time supplier to the medical supplies sector, we at DT Med have experienced firsthand the power of the Barcoder 250 Cloud warehouse management system to transform our business.
This system has not only streamlined our inventory processes but has also provided us with significant improvements in accuracy and efficiency.

Key Highlights


User-Friendly Interface:

The easy to use design of the Barcoder 250 Cloud has made it straightforward for our staff to adapt to the new system. The user-friendly interface allowed for quick and efficient navigation.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking:

With real-time stock updates, we've been able to easily keep accurate lot number and expiry date records. This feature is a legal requirement in the market we serve. The system has replaced the spreadsheets we were using.

Seamless Integration:

The system integrated with our existing Sage software, ensuring a smooth transition. The compatibility with Sage has further enhanced our operational flexibility.

Reliable Customer Support:

Anytime we faced a hurdle or had a query, customer support was just a call away. Their prompt and knowledgeable responses have been a significant factor in our positive experience.


As our business grows, the Barcoder 250 Cloud can easily scaled with us. Its adaptability to increasing demands without compromising on performance is very helpful.

Error Reduction:

The accuracy of the Barcoder 250 Cloud system has notably reduced errors in our inventory management, leading to a more reliable supply chain.


This system is an investment that pays for itself. The efficiency gains and time savings have translated into considerable savings in administrative man hours.


The Barcoder 250 Cloud system is more than just a tool; it has been a game-changer for warehouse management. It has bolstered our operational capabilities, enabling us to serve our clients better.
We highly recommend it to any business looking to enhance their inventory management system.

Thank you, Barcoder 250 Cloud, for being part of our growth and efficiency journey!"

- Hemang Badiani (MD)