Inventory And Sales Management Software: The Basics

Inventory and sales management software can be quite intimidating for those business owners who have never implemented such software into their day-to-day operations. This is particularly true of smaller businesses which have relied throughout the years on manual stock inventory management. But what exactly is inventory management software and what does it do?

Well, as can be imagined, inventory management software is a computer solution for tracking not just inventory levels, but also deliveries, orders and sales. Many companies also utilise the system to avoid stock shortages, as well as overstocking of particular items. Essentially, it does everything that a paper-based system can do – yet also allows users ready access to crucial data and analytics that just isn't possible via a paper-based system. Inventory and stock control software generally has many features. This can include asset tracking, where a product can be tracked via a barcode system or serial number. Especially, product identification via barcode readers allows data to be easily transmitted about a product via a simple scan of a barcode. Order management is another common feature of such software. When the software reads that there is too little of a particular item in stock, the system can alert managers and employees to order more of that item. Conversely, these systems also steer companies away from investing too much capital into their inventory. For companies that are service-orientated , such software can be beneficial in tracking the cost of materials used in their services.

So inventory and sales management software is an increasingly important part of wider account management. With so many smaller businesses now completely sold on accountancy software such as Sage, now is the time to look at stock management software. With ES Consulting, we can integrate easy-to-use yet advanced stock management software with your Sage 50 and 200. For more information,  call 0845 867 2032 or email