Inventory Management Software Companies: What to Look For

Inventory management software companies are plentiful and many claim to offer all of the solutions that your business needs. But, of course, not every solution is of the same quality; and not every company has the same outlook on what constitutes a quality service. So what should you look for in a software developer of inventory management tools?

Well when it comes to inventory management software, there are definitely a few things you should check for. Firstly, a good barcode system is an extremely important part of ensuring that your inventory is being properly tracked. One way to do this is to ensure that any barcode system being utilised as part of a wider inventory management system is well established and reliable. One such standardised industry non-profit that drives this is GS1. GS1 has over 30,000 members around the world and is involved in the automation and standardisation of the supply chain process. This is achieved through usage of a common language of GS1 global standards – a unified system of indexing and bar coding. Developers of cheaper stock control software will not be able to offer a wider inventory management system to go along with that package. For this reason, you shouldn't just be looking for a software solution; but, rather, a consultancy firm with software speciality that can drive cultural change within your organisation – no matter how big or small. Inventory management is more than just having the right software.

At ES Consulting, we are amongst the most trusted consultancy and inventory management software companies in the UK – particularly for small businesses. Our Barcoder 250 system (which utilises GS1 barcodes) is a holistic approach to inventory management that is perfect for the vast majority of small businesses. However, we are also able to offer bespoke systems and software that can be integrated with any accountancy software. To find out more, contact, or call 0845 867 2032 today.