Sage 200 Mobile – Is It Right For Your Business?

Sage 200 mobile app: is this something that your business should be investing in? The short answer is most likely to be yes. The app is compatible with a wide range of devices including iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. This means that you are unlikely to need to change your hardware to be able to make the most of the many features the software offers. These features include being able to query your Sage 200 data, as well as being able to create sales orders from just about anywhere.

Integrating such software, especially when you do so through a company that is part of the Sage developer network, means that you also buy in expert knowledge, support and assistance in ensuring it works for your specific company. Like the Sage 50 sales app, Sage 200 addons are fully mobile, not requiring an internet or phone connection to browse for products and customers or for orders to be created. This means that you can take your business anywhere and are not tied to finding a suitable and secure internet connection when out of the office or warehouse.

One of the other main benefits of using such a Sage mobile app is increased accuracy. If you are up-to-date with every aspect of your business, continually at just a touch of a button you can keep sales teams up to date, ensure that stock reflects current order trends and improve your customer service levels. Among the extensive range of features offered by the Sage 200 app, there is a customer accounts view; product listings with pictures; and rapid entry of sales orders. You can set order limits and fully edit orders prior to submission. Where necessary or desirable, you can even set a head office approval function, meaning you remain in ultimate control of as much or as little as you see fit.

The ease of use of the Sage 200 POS app means that training staff members to utilise it takes no time at all. Moreover, once they are confident with working through the different functions, the app reduces their workload and streamlines their daily tasks. This in turn makes your entire operation more efficient. If this or other Sage additions are of interest to you, then you need a company in the Sage developer network that understands your business needs. At es Consulting, we do exactly that.